Great Sound Bar for the great living room surround sound performance

 The Sound Bar is an audio /speaker and entertainment system coined during the early mid 1990’s, what’s interesting on this is the concept of sound bar technology goes back even to the dawn of opera performance and live on stage performance, capturing the surround sound arena and concert quality deliver right to your living room was the aim point of sound bar technology.

Not your ordinary entertainment speakers!

Ordinary TV and entertainment speakers won’t offer that opera stage surround sound while sound bar offers more than that, a sound bar can be fine tuned to have arena music or sound effect, life echo sound, fine tune music live effect and of course the cinematic sound effects.

 Why do you need a sound bar? Well if you’re like me who wants a good surround sound entertainment in their living room and a feel good cinema audio effect echoing thru the walls of my very own living room , a BIG YES!

 Sound bar are excellent for people who wants to have their very own digital opera at there entertainment rooms . Sound bar is also good for people who wants to bring home the party and the crowd . Or if you’re just like me go on a movie marathon even at late nights with a bowl of pop corn.


Here we have a run down of the best sound bar in the market

Picture Brand and Model Number Price  Rating    Recommended  TV Size

 Yamaha YAS-101BL

Yamaha YAS101BL  $$        4.1          47″ to 55 ” 
LG NB3530A  LG Sound Bar LG NB3530A  $$        4.4            42″ to 47″ 
iLive 3.1  ILive Soundbar iLive 3.1 $         3.7               Mobile Phone use
Samsung Hw-F450  Samsung soundbar Samsung HW F450  $$     4.0                  42″ to 47″
vizio s2920w Vizio soundbarVizio S2920 $$      4.2                   29″ to 32   
JBLSB100  JBL sound bar JBL SB 100  $$    3.9                     32″ to 47″
Pioneer SP-SB23W  Pioneer Sound Bar SP-SB 23W sound bar  $$    3.8                      42″ to 55″
Klipsch Hd  Klipsch sound bar Klipsch HD  $$$    4.6                      42″ to 57″     
vizio vsb200  Vizio sound bar vsb200  $$    3.5                         32″ to 47″
insignia Sound Bar  Insignia sound bar NS SB 212  $$     3.8                         32″ to 47″

Choosing a sound bar


Get the latest information in choosing a sound bar. Sound bars provide a great unobtrusive way to get good sound from your TV. It’s a great choice for tight spaces where there’s no room for bulky speakers, nor you don’t want wires messing along the floor. Get the best sound from your television.

As sleek and stylish as today’s televisions are, there is one aspect of their performance that one will certainly find disappointing: its sound. That’s because those sleek television cabinets don’t leave much space for speakers. And as the result of it, pictures that pop with color and detail, is being paired with those thin, choppy sound effects that hardly decode a clear dialogue.

One must be able to determine what a good sound is like. Acquiring the latest home television will not guarantee you for such classification and high definition sound effects. Absolutely everybody loves a home theatre experience at home, and by putting all those good stuff in one room is just a lame idea.  Limited Space consumption is one hell of a problem. One would definitely just like to buy something that takes only minutes to install and provides a dead-easy way to give your home entertainment a figurative shot-in-the arm.

Sound optimization

Most sound bars feature special audio processing to improve your listening experience. Look for a dialog enhancer for clearer and easy-to-understand on-screen conversations. Or you can just keep the lid on loud commercials by selecting output-leveling. These features may be called different things — so be sure to check each product description for details.

If you want to hear 3-Dimensional special effects that surrounds you, like a car racing by on your right, or a thunderstorm filling the room – it is best to consider a sound bar with virtual surround sound. Many sound bars offer some form of virtual surround effects. Some are just created with a synthetic sound-field from 2 stereo channels; others decode a program’s original surround sound channels and use clever audio processing to trick your ears into thinking certain sound effects came from another direction. And some feature carefully aimed drivers that bounce sound off of surrounding walls to “bank-shot” the surround channels to your ears.

It is important to consider thinking about which approach your sound bar may be in use – if it uses the wall-bounce option, an open-plan living space may not be the best place for that type of sound bar.

On the other hand, if you just want a broader, more impressive front sound stage – clearer dialogue, with a wider, deeper sound field – then you may prefer a sound bar that plays two-channel stereo (front left and right) or three-channel sound (front left, center, front right).

Additional Music Sources

Some sound bars allow you to access a variety of music sources. For example, some are satellite radio-ready — just add a tuner and you are ready to rock. Others let you wirelessly play music, streaming services like Pandora Internet radio and MOG, or other Internet radio stations directly from an iPad, iPhone, and any Android device via Bluetooth or over your home Wireless Fidelity network. Features like these can broaden your sound bar’s utility from simply being an adjunct to your TV sound, to being the nerve center of your day-to-day in-home entertainment.

Remote control options

Many sound bars with limited inputs either include a very basic remote control with on/off, mute, and volume up/down commands, or don’t offer one at all.  Often these remote can learn the same commands from your television’s remote control.


Reviews of the 6 Best Sound Bars 

Yamaha YAS-101BLThe Yamaha  YAS 101

Over the last ten years, sound bars progress seems highly in demand and been on the market until now. Yamaha unleashes its flagship paving its way right at everybody’s living room putting an entirely new experience by producing virtual surround sound system. Yamaha’s YAS 101 made some big waves in the audio business with its couple of drivers that are conveniently set up in array, throwing sound all over the hallway. Yamaha YAS 101 made its debut impressively, though some audio enthusiasts awaits for more of it. They likely pointed out its bass.

Out of the Box

The Yamaha YAS 101 weighs 9.3lbs. and measures around 35 x 3-1/2 x 4-1/2 inches (WxHxD) without its feet or spacer brackets.

This inlcudes:

  • Remote control and batteries
  • mounting template
  • manual
  • 3ft optical cable


Yamaha YAS 101 has these located at the back.

  • two optical
  • one coaxial
  • system control output
  • subwoofer output
  • n/a analog audio output ; RCA jacks
  • n/a HDMI output

Surprisingly it’s pretty alarming for those Nintendo Wii users for its console only supports analog audio. Although one can always use their HDTV and eventually use its digital audio output.  There is even a mounted IR_flasher which reads on television’s remote control code and flashes it back, just in case the sound bar covers up the television IR eye.

The Yamaha YAS101 offers three processing features in enhancing the experience of its listeners. The most important of all features is probably its Air Surround Xtrem. This is a simulated surround system which Yamaha describe in recreating 7.1 surround sound from two of its speakers.


Yamaha nailed its debut of the YAS 101 aiming to create a full blast sound with its sleek sound bar at an affordable price. We highly recommend this kind of sound bar as it will be attractive for an add-on if you Click here to get the best deal for Yamaha YAS 101  from

The Samsung HW F450

Samsung Hw-F450

Okay, you have a sound bar that can be connected via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi , and oh a sound bar for  band use? Yeah right you read it right! Not only that this sound bar is use for high definition audio and TV use , a weird usage for this is also a band sub-woofer and speaker for band performance(Samsung didn’t document this to be use as a band speaker) Thanks to it’s Bluetooth and Wi-Fi wireless technology enabling interconnection, but it works so no issues. Okay this can also be used as a regular sound bar and of course as entertainment use.


  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Wireless active subwoofer (7 x 14.2 x 11.6)
  • Wall-mount bracket included
  • *HW-F450 Sound bar and Wireless Subwoofer, Remote Control, 2 AAA Batteries, USB Cable, AUX Cable, Power Supplies, Wall-Mount Bracket, Toroidal Ferrite Core, and Documentation

 Fully Packed Sound Bar

 Advance audio and surround sound enhancement, Powerful sub-woofer (and a wireless subwoofer) Samsun HWF450 is one of the best sound bars for the category in home entertainment. High definition front speakers and all bass wireless sub woofer will definitely enhance your living room with its digital surround sound, creating a custom audio environment. Smart volume control capability also gives Samsung HW F450 the edge over other sound bar in the market.


 Samsung Hw F450 is a sound bar to be considered with, For the price and overall functions and features, Complementary audio effects one could say Samsung HWF450 is one of the best sound bar out there.Click here for the best Samsung HW F450 sound bar deal on

The JBL SB 100 sound bar


Innovation in technologies has been all over the past years. We have seen a lot of big changes out of it. One fast growing on the business is the television, thus by having one of HDTVs; it requires a good specification and accessories. A good surround sound system makes a huge different of anybody’s home. One option would like to consider is the JBL SB100 Sound bar. This premium sound bar provides surround-sound entertainment with no mess. It is easy-to-use; two channel sound bars that offers 6o Watts of amplified power, exclusive HARMAN Display surround technology that creates a room filling sound stage and dual equalization that optimizes the sound based on the speaker’s location.


  • Simply plug it, play and feel that astounding beat of the JBL SB100
  • Speaker Features: Built-in Amplifiers, Plug and Play Technology
  • Includes 1 Speaker
  • RMS Wattage: 30 Watts
  • Subwoofer features: Speaker-Level Output
  • Subwoofer Amplified Power: 30 Watts
  • Wired Connectivity: Standard Auxiliary Input, Optical
  • Includes: Mounting Kit, Audio Cable, Manual Guide, Remote Control, Power Cord


Definitely, this kind of sound bar may not be missed on the top list. The JBL SB100 is not only sounds great but it looks elegant and classy too. With its, black enclosure, I am quite sure anybody could fell into it. For those who wanted to have a great sound for any cinematic home theatre experience without breaking into your bank, choose the best option that is right for you. The JBL SB100 is a good buy. Get what you deserve and save money. Click here for JBL SB100 awesome deal in

Pioneer Sound Bar SP-SB 23W

Pioneer SP-SB23WFor those who demand audio quality that lives up to their HD picture, Pioneer offers the new Speaker Bar System. Designed by internationally renowned speaker designer, Andrew Jones, this compact sound solution produces remarkable stereo imaging, wider off-axis response and enhanced dynamic range. Its speaker cabinet is precision-crafted from composite wood, offering more controlled resonance and truer audio reproduction. Six individual speakers are each driven by their own dedicated amplifier and integrated by an active digital crossover network. This symphony of audio innovations all work together to help create a listening experience that will virtually transport you into the action on screen.


  • Composite Wood Curved Cabinet
  • 4 – 3″ Structured Surface Mid-Woofers
  • 2 – 1″ Soft Dome Tweeters
  • 6 x 28 Watt Amplifiers
  • Bluetooth Music Streaming Built-in

Pioneer’s Speaker Bar is powered by six individual amplifiers–one amplifier for each independent driver. The amps produce up to 28 Watts of power for increased audio dynamics and enhanced overall “headroom” at virtually any volume level. Handling the low frequencies is a wireless subwoofer, featuring a 6.5-inch driver that’s powered by a built-in 50-Watt amplifier. Tuned to 42 Hz (-10 dB), the output level can be conveniently adjusted with the Speaker Bar remote.


 Pioneer’s leading edge in digital audio and audio amplifier system is reflected in Pioneer’s SP SB 23W sound bar, Surround Sound match in 42 Hz and undistorted frequency is the real value for money, the sub woofer a superb product matches the need for a true sound entertainment system, Placing Pioneer SP-SB2W as one of the best sound bars for the home entertainment category.Click here for the best deal for Pioneer SP-SB sound bar on


The Klipsch Sound Bar Klipsch HD

Klipsch Hd

Klipsch has always been known for its unique, lifelike and detailed sound when it comes to loudspeakers, and with the HD Theater SB 3, fans can now enjoy the exclusive benefits associated with horn-loaded technology. As Klipsch enters the sound bar enterprise, the company does so by applying its true principals of high efficiency, low distortion, controlled sound directive, wide dynamic range and flat frequency response.


  • Exclusive horn-loaded technology for clear, powerful sound
  • 10-Inch wireless down firing sub woofer
  • Dolby Digital Decoder for simple plug n’ play TV connection
  • Digital optical, RCA analog & 3.5mm analog inputs
  • 3D surround sound mode

 All Entertainment and Great Features

 Included with the sound bar is a 10-inch wireless sub woofer that is housed in a MDF cabinet, offering distortion-free bass. The subwoofer pairs automatically with the sound bar thanks to its sophisticated wireless technology. Plug and play features Blu-ray, game console, and SMART TV connector and a 3D surround mode that works at multiple listening positions in a given room and is designed to simulate the effect of a surround system. Freedom Sound sub woofer system with easy mountable system and wireless connectivity, The sub woofer’s wireless technology enables it to be placed nearly anywhere in the room, as it does not need to be manually wired to the sub woofer.


With a powerful sub woofer, smart and intuitive features, Klipsch HD Theater SB 3 is the way to go! The massive sub-woofer delivers all powerful and surrounds sound audio to your living room; this also brings that cinematic effect right on! Value for money is also wise, you don’t need to buy additional sub woofer to get that opera and cinematic home theater, Grab one now!

 Click here to get the best deal for Klipsch HD sound bar here on

The  ILive I Live 3.1 Sound Bar

iLive 3.1

Yes right we have added a special feature on this segment, we just like to feature this $74.95 value sound bar, well you get a sound bar for your mobile phone, plus a FM built in radio, It’s not every day you have a sound bar for a mobile phone, perhaps this is for people who are also using mobile devices as entertainment system.


  • Wall-mountable Speaker Bar
  • 3.1 Channel
  • FM Radio, Dock for iPhone and iPod
  • Motorized iPhone/iPod Drawer
  • Full Feature Remote Control
  • Compatible with iPhone
  • 3.1-channel powered speaker
  • SRS TruSurround XT
  • FM radio (PLL)
  • Motorized iPhone drawer

iLive Sounbar has a built in Subwoofer ,but it is advisable you get an extra one if you intend to use this subwoofer for a home entertainment subwoofer. Connectivity , there is an S-video out, two analog audio inputs, a mini line in input (3.5mm) and auxiliary input. We still love iLive for our mobile Phones and IPhones, this is the best role a mobile sound bar. What is to look for? The news said that iLive will be making some changes for other mobile and tablet phones, How about a sound bar for tablet and mini phone devices(as long as you can play music , of course) .


iLive Sound bar is one of the unique sound bar for this category, a mobile sound bar. A real value accessory for a mobile sound bar , Mobile phone as sound and entertainment system is the newest trend ,a must have for Iphone and anyone who wants to play great music out from there mobile phones. Click here for the best deal on ILive 3.1 soundbar deal on

Our Verdict

Well if I had the money I’ll buy them all. But let’s be practical shall we? If you need a sound bar for your mobile phone, Iphones and tablets you definitely go for the iLive 3.1 sound bar.

If however you need a much more versatile sound bar you will be needing  the Yamaha YAS 101 or the JBL SB 100 to handle optimum surround sound performance. The Samsung HW450 does  a great job as well.

If the bulky sub woofer won’t bother you at all you can go for the Klipsch Sound bar  and for the more classy mid size one the Pioneer SB-SW  23 W sound bar .

There is much too choose from, You buy with your need yet vote with your pocket

Have we missed out anything? Any violent reactions? Or if you got a better sound bar you want us to feature, give us a comment below.